Southeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Rampart Boulevard, 1957-2013


The top photograph, a Kodachrome slide by Palmer Conner, shows the Hershey Arms Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard shortly before its demolition. Built between 1906 and 1907, the Hershey Arms was the first hotel to open along the nascent boulevard, and remained for several decades one of its best-known landmarks. Located two blocks west of Westlake Park, the establishment featured a distinctly suburban form, seen in its expansive footprint and prominent front lawn. Designed in Jacobean Revival style by John C. Austin and Frederick G. Brown, the hotel building was divided into three main volumes arranged in an irregular E-shape.

The Hershey Arms Hotel eventually fell victim to the eastern expansion of the Wilshire Center office district. After remaining in operation until 1956, the property was purchased by commercial real estate developer Dwyer-Curlett & Co. The hotel was demolished in the following year, and was soon replaced by an office building for the Cincinatti-based Western and Southern Life Insurance Company.

Curiously enough, the Hershey Arms’ replacement was designed by Austin, Field, & Fry, whose senior partner was none other than John C. Austin. Like many of the firm’s other works, the five-story building makes use of the imposing volumes of late Streamline Moderne, complemented by austere yet sumptuous finishes. It notably makes extensive use of dark red hues, seen on the Wilshire Boulevard facade’s porcelain enamel panels, and the polished granite that clads its east and west walls.

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Original photo: Conner, Palmer. “Hershey Arms Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard – photCL 486 (014).” Palmer Conner Collection of Color Slides of Los Angeles. Huntington Digital Library. Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

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2 Responses to Southeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Rampart Boulevard, 1957-2013

  1. Larry Miller says:

    LA was heaven but that was a long time ago. I know. I was born and raised there. Left for keeps when it started going downhill about 50 years ago

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