Southwest corner of Sixth Street and Normandie Avenue, 2011-2015


Aside from the reopening of its guest rooms, one of the most anticipated elements of the Hotel Normandie’s recent renovation has been the rehabilitation of its ground-floor storefronts along Sixth Street and Normandie Avenue. The top photograph, taken in 2011, shows workers in the early stages of removing the plaster and stone applied to the building’s base during the 1960s. Since then, new display windows, transoms, and stone sills have been built in each of the hotel’s storefront bays, dramatically restoring the ground floor’s original transparency.

After three years of construction, and a full year after the opening of its rooms, businesses have filled most of the building’s restored retail spaces. As of December, the spacious corner unit houses Cassell’s Hamburgers, the reincarnation of another longtime Koreatown establishment. Located for many decades near Sixth and Berendo Streets, the original Cassell’s achieved lasting acclaim for the quality of its burgers, and a substantial popularity that lasted throughout much of the late 20th century.

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