W. I. Hollingsworth Building, southeast corner of Sixth and Hill Streets, 1932-2014


The top photograph, one of the “Dick” Whittington Studio’s many gems, shows the busy intersection of Sixth and Hill Streets in its prewar heyday. In addition, the view prominently features the W. I. Hollingsworth Building at the intersection’s southeast corner. Completed in 1913, the office tower owed its name to its builder, W. I. Hollingsworth & Co., one of Los Angeles’ largest realty firms during the early half of the 20th century. Designed by Morgan, Walls, & Morgan, the eleven-story structure initially sported a bright Classical Revival design typical of its decade’s office buildings.

The Hollingsworth Building has remained in continuous office use for the past century, albeit with several changes to its title and appearance. The property was purchased in 1963 by Western Federal Savings & Loan, which had been headquartered in the building since 1936. Shortly afterwards, its façade was rebuilt in a rather somber rendition of Corporate Modernism, featuring granite piers, smooth brown spandrel panels, and dark tinted windows. Since 1979, the tower has been known as the Western Jewelry Mart, a retail and office building for the jewelry trades.

A larger view of the Hollingsworth Building, c. 1945 [USC Digital Library]
A recent comparison of the same intersection [Urban Diachrony]

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Original photo: “Dick” Whittington Studio. “2nd floor of Hollingsworth Building, Southern California, 1932 – DW-1932-03-04-25.” “Dick” Whittington Photography Collection. USC Digital Library. USC Libraries Special Collections. http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/cdm/ref/collection/p15799coll170/id/48918.

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  1. . . . with Pershing Square on the opposite corner. I love these “Then and Now” photos of #DTLA.

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