Looking towards Pershing Square from Sixth and Hill Streets, c.1940-2013

6thHillNWc. 1940-2013

During the interwar decades, Pershing Square served as a major pedestrian crossroads at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, connecting its bustling retail district with Bunker Hill and the developing areas to the west. During peak daytime hours, thousands of people flowed through the park’s walkways and filled its benches. The top photograph, beautifully taken by Herman J. Schultheis, shows Pershing Square’s busy southeast entrance at Sixth and Hill Streets. At the time, the intersection boasted some of the city’s heaviest pedestrian traffic off of Broadway.

Today’s Downtown Los Angeles is substantially less crowded for a litany of reasons. Pershing Square has attracted only a meager fraction of its former use since its 1952 overhaul, which removed the diagonal paths linking its four corners. The present-day view shows one of the most significant design shortcomings of its current incarnation, completed in 1994. Sight lines through the park are significantly impeded by its elevation above the sidewalk level, a problem exacerbated by the walls built along its Hill and Olive Street sides.

An elevated view of the same corner, c. 1926 [USC Digital Library]
A brief history of Pershing Square [KCET]
An overview of Herman Schultheis’ photographs

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2 Responses to Looking towards Pershing Square from Sixth and Hill Streets, c.1940-2013

  1. The Title Guarantee Building really had some presence back in the day. Nowadays it feels like its dwarfed by the towers on Bunker Hill. Probably even more so after the Park Fifth lot is developed.

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