Northwest corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Berendo Street, c. 1930-2013

WilshireBerendoNW2c. 1930-2013

Completed in 1925 at the northwest corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Berendo Street, the Post Building was one of the earliest anchors of Wilshire Center’s upper class retail district. Previously occupied by a private residence, the property had been purchased in 1923 by an investor named Abram Post, who also acquired the intersection’s northeast corner for a similar development. Attributed to architects Meyer & Holler, the Post Building seemed to make early use of the outsized proportions that later characterized automobile-oriented design. The two-story Mediterranean Revival building featured large arched windows on both floors, and a series of giant urns along its roof.

The Post Building eventually fell victim to its retail district’s mid-century decline, followed by its redevelopment as a major office center. The building was purchased in 1969, and swiftly razed for the construction of a twelve-story office tower, Wilshire Plaza. Designed by Langdon & Wilson, its upper floors were clad with dull brick in order to complement its tall prewar neighbors, the Immanuel Presbyterian Church and Talmadge Apartments. The tower’s bulky volume is visually reduced by its recessed window bays, which each contain two windows on separate floors, joined together by indentically-tinted spandrel glass panels.

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Original photo: Mott Studios. “Post Building -001386217.” Mott-Merge Collection. California State Library.

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