North retail wing of the Los Angeles Theater, 611 South Broadway, 1931-2013

611SBroadwayH 1931-2013

Often considered one of the finest theaters ever built in the city, the Los Angeles Theater opened in 1931 with two 45-foot wide retail buildings on Broadway, flanking the main auditorium section. Though planned and designed as a single complex, the Broadway stores were immediately placed under different ownership from the theater. Initially, each of the retail wings contained two ground floor shops. Additional store space was located on the second floors, illuminated by long, tall window bands overlooking Broadway. At the time of the theater’s opening, the adjacent north retail space housed a location of Zukor’s, a national women’s clothing chain.

Large portions of the Los Angeles Theater have thankfully retained their opulent Baroque Revival details. Unfortunately, however, the north wing’s facade was sadly destroyed by a renovation in the 1940s, pictured here. Since then, both retail buildings have had their ground floors reconfigured from two to three shop spaces. Although the theater has remained scantly used for several decades, rehabilitation plans from the Delijani family appear to be slowly moving forward.

A vertically-aligned then and now comparison can be found here. For more information and photographs of the Los Angeles Theater, this post at Big Orange Landmarks is highly recommended.

Family looks to upgrade four Broadway theaters [LA Downtown News]

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