Looking east on Santa Monica Boulevard from Vermont Avenue, c.1950-2011

c. 1950-2011

Much as it was a half-century ago, the eastern stretches of Santa Monica Boulevard are dominated primarily by the utility poles along its north side, made only more prominent by the gradual erosion of its street wall. Completed around 1937, the Ralphs supermarket in the top photograph occupied an L-shaped plot with frontages on both Santa Monica Boulevard and Vermont Avenue, wrapped around an older commercial building at the intersection’s northeast corner (pictured far left). Although increasingly designed to accomodate automobile parking, the grocery chain continued to build its new stores with at least one facade and pedestrian entrance along the sidewalk. The Santa Monica Boulevard store remained in operation through the 1980s, until all of the buildings in its vicinity were replaced by a sprawling, fully car-oriented shopping center.

The original photograph was taken shortly before the removal of the tracks and streetcar poles once used by the Pacific Electric Railway. During the early 20th century, the transit company’s Santa Monica Boulevard Line was the region’s primary transit route between West Hollywood and Downtown, and one of several lines which radiated from the Subway Terminal Building. Its relatively high ridership made it one of the last routes to succumb to the Pacific Electric Railway’s rapid dismantling of its rail network. Once its streetcars were replaced by buses on June 1, 1953, the transit corporation operated only six streetcar lines alongside 40 bus routes.

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Original photo: “chs-m1361 – View of Santa Monica Boluevard, looking east of Vermont, showing Ralphs grocery store, 1954 (1951?).” California Historical Society Collection. USC Digital Library. USC Libraries Special Collections. http://digitallibrary.usc.edu/search/controller/view/chs-m1361.html.

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3 Responses to Looking east on Santa Monica Boulevard from Vermont Avenue, c.1950-2011

  1. BGFA (@bgfa) says:

    Ironic that the only thing that still exist are the utility poles, and looking at this photo, they are the very same ones from that time.

  2. I grew up and still live in the area…the Ralphs Supermarket in the above picture was replaced by an even more car-oriented Ralphs sometime in the 1960s, and the front entrance was further in the property, where the entrance to the Staples store is today (note the Staples sign is oval like the Ralphs logo). The Ralphs was in operation until 1986 and had a stint as a consumer electronics store through much of the ’90s before it became Staples. Adjacent to it was a Thrifty’s Drug & Discount Store, which remained and turned into a Rite-Aid, which still exists today.

    The historic Carnegie-built Cahuenga Branch Library (1916) is towards the back on both photos.

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