A TOD grows in Westlake

It’s been a little over ten months since the groundbreaking ceremony on the first phase of the MacArthur Park Metro Apartments, a transit-oriented development project led by Metro. The current phase occupies an L-shaped site on the block bounded by Wilshire Boulevard, Seventh Street, Bonnie Brae Street, and Westlake Avenue, just east of the entrance plaza of the Westlake/MacArthur Park subway stop. At the moment, construction has reached two to three floors above ground.

The project is being planned by Metro in partnership with developers McCormack Baron Salazar, which were also involved in the creation of the Metro Hollywood Transit Village, a similar affordable housing complex above the Hollywood/Western station.

Westlake/MacArthur Park TOD groundbreaking announcement [The Source]

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One Response to A TOD grows in Westlake

  1. Brigham Yen says:

    Wow this went up faster than I thought! I’m glad to see this project rise out of the ground in this area, which is in desperate need of being cleaned up a bit (it’s a BIT TOO gritty for my taste and I actually like a little grit). With Langers around the corner, could this be the next “East Village” (akin to Katz)?

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