Looking south on Broadway from Fifth Street, 1957-2010


Although some of the smaller commercial buildings on this block have lost their upper stories since the late 1950s, the two views above are not drastically different. However, Broadway’s vertical neon signs, once the thoroughfare’s distinguishing feature, have largely vanished.

Paegel. “Then and now series, 1957 – Broadway at Fifth Street.” 1957. Los Angeles Examiner Negatives Collection. USC Digital Library. USC Libraries Special Collections.

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3 Responses to Looking south on Broadway from Fifth Street, 1957-2010

  1. Love your blog! I really appreciate the care you take to line up your shots so precisely. Here is my own Then & Now of South Broadway, 1936-2009. I think I succeeded in finding the exact spot where the street photographer was standing when he snapped this picture postcard of my mother, who was probably on her way home from shopping that day, 73 years before. -Scott

  2. brianhhsu says:

    Thanks! It took me quite a while to get the hang of aligning my own photos with old ones. I do think your picture is perfectly matched with the photo of your mother, and that’s certainly not an easy perspective to pinpoint. Your blog also looks wonderful, I really look forward to reading through it.


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