The Hollywood Recreation Center, 2002-2011


Among Hollywood’s landmarks, the Streamline Moderne building at 1539 Vine Street had proven itself to be one of the most resilient and versatile. After opening in 1940 as a bowling alley named the Hollywood Recreation Center, the same building at later points housed Tom Breneman’s Restaurant, ABC Studios, and lastly, Merv Griffin’s Celebrity Theater.

However, when the Celebrity Theater closed its doors in 1993, its destruction seemed all but certain, and it is somewhat of a miracle that any of the building remains at all. Left to the mercy of vagrants, the abandoned structure suffered four major fires before 2002, leading to the collapse of large portion of its roof. Although most of the building was demolished later that year, its elegant facade was thankfully restored and incorporated into the mixed-use Sunset+Vine development.

Source: Williams, Gregory Paul. The Story of Hollywood. Los Angeeles: BL Press, 2006.
Original photo: Supak, Scott. “The TAV Celebrity Theater.” 2002. Free computer wallpaper desktop backgrounds.

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  1. Carl E. Hanks says:

    Looking for info on Alexander Stationers,, formerly at 1531 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood. I worked there 1975-1980. Carl Hanks email:

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