Looking north from Second and Main Streets, c. 1930-2010

c. 1930-2010

Thanks in part to the continuous southwestwardly shift of downtown’s core, the 100 block of South Main Street had almost perfectly preserved its low rise, late 19th century scale well into the 20th century. Nonetheless, the completion of the new City Hall in 1928 ominously foreshadowed the eventual development of the colossal Civic Center, which virtually erased all evidence of the area’s pre-war existence.

The Natick Hotel, built in 1883 and pictured at the end of the block at First Street, was the first building to hit the wrecking ball in 1950, and its neighbors followed soon afterwards to make way for a large parking lot. By 1960, the full block was taken over by an annex for the State Division of Highways Building facing Spring Street.

The State Highway Building was demolished in 2005 following the completion of Caltrans District 7’s new headquarters on the opposite side of Main Street. The site is now occupied by the Los Angeles Police Department’s new Parker Center headquarters, opened in September 2009.

Inside Downtown’s New LAPD Headquarters [Curbed LA]

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