Intersection of Los Feliz and Griffith Park Boulevards looking northeast, 1928-2010


Although much of Los Feliz had been developed by the mid-1920s, the district’s northeast corner, edged up against Griffith Park and the Los Angeles River, remained one of the last undeveloped areas in the southern foothills of the Santa Monica mountains. The inevitable came in 1926, when the Edwards & Wildey Company laid out its plans for a 130 acre subdivision on site named Los Feliz Hills. The picture from 1928 appears to show the developers’ tract office on the right, a model home across Los Feliz Boulevard, and a newly built residence in the distance.

To accomodate the Los Feliz Hills development as well as growing traffic needs between Hollywood and Glendale, the city began repaving and widening Los Feliz Boulevard east of Vermont Avenue, the progress of which is also shown in the photograph.

Source: “Los Feliz Hills being improved.” Los Angeles Times. 26 Feb. 1926. E6.
Original photo: “acsc-m510 – Los Feliz Boulevard at intersection of Griffith Park Boulevard.” 1928. Automobile Club of Southern California engineering notebook photoprints. USC Digital Library. Automobile Club of Southern California.

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