Meet Los Angeles’ newest park

KennedyparksignIn the shadow of the LAUSD’s controversial Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools complex, the construction barriers around Robert Kennedy Inspiration Park came down on Monday with the opening of the school year. The curiously named pocket park takes up a thin strip of land between Wilshire Boulevard and the massive school complex, itself on the former site of the Ambassador Hotel.

DSC_0293 copy

DSC_0287 copyThe park can be roughly divided into two sections – a grassier planted area and a more urban plaza. One of the more interesting features of the plaza’s design is the ways in which it playfully exploits the gentle slope of Wilshire Boulevard to create some very unique views.

DSC_0241 copy

DSC_0280 copyDespite its relative proximity to MacArthur Park, the heart of Koreatown has little access to public green space within walking distance. While there are few consolations for the loss of the Ambassador Hotel, the park is a promising addition to one of the city’s densest neighborhoods and one of its major business centers.

DSC_0300 copy

DSC_0272 copy

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