One less gas station for Figueroa

photo by Kelvin Kuo for Daily Trjoan

As reported in The Daily Trojan, the Chevron station at Figueroa and Exposition shut its doors yesterday in preparation for the construction of a six-story housing and retail development called Icon Plaza. Located by the southeast corner of USC’s University Park campus, next to the Radisson Hotel and a stone’s throw from the Tuscany apartments, the project seems like a natural addition to an increasingly lively stretch of Figueroa Street.

Whether or not another luxury apartment complex will ease USC’s affordable housing crunch is debatable. However, the retail component will make a welcome contribution to the amenities in walking distance of both the campus and its future Expo Line station. Most importantly, it takes the university one small but important step closer towards integrating itself with the streets beyond its walls.

Source: Bracker, Rachel. “Chevron gas station closing for housing unit.” Daily Trojan. 8 Aug. 2010.

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